Specialty oils for Pharmaceuticals

We offer a range of specialty oils conforming to IP/BP/USP for pharmaceutical application. They are used as:

  • Carrier system for capsules, soft and hard gels
  • Solvent for oil soluble vitamins, hormones, in injections
  • Solvent for oral suspensions
  • Vehicle for topical preparations like ointments, balms
  • Novel drug delivery system
  • Veterinary vaccine formulations

We have introduced a range of exotic vegetable butters which can replace Cocoa butter, Lanolin, some of the animal origin waxes, petroleum based products. They are ideal for:

  • Functional excipients
  • Suppositories and pessaries
  • Tablet coating
  • Lubricant in directly compressible tablets
  • Lipid based drug delivery systems
  • Dermatological preparations- ointment, balm, creams

"Better Skin Care with KOSMECARE"

After extensive R&D studies, we have recently launched Kosmecare, which is a range of exotic butters and specialty-refined oils to cater to the requirement of various personal care products.

The exotic butters are of 100% vegetable origin and are useful for the development of more nature friendly products. These ingredients can replace Cocoa butter, Lanolin, some of the animal origin waxes, petroleum based products, etc that are used in different cosmetic product formulations.

Unlike petroleum-based products, they are biodegradable too. These natural vegetable butters are economical quality substitutes for costlier imported material and are most suitable for cost-effective elegant cosmetic products. These find application in development of a whole range of colour cosmetics (Lipsticks, Lip salves, Lip balm, Eye makeup products like Mascara, eye liners kajal sticks etc), Body care, Skin care, Hair care products and Cosmeceuticals.


There are customers who require a very specific functionality in the oil / fat. We are able to tailor make products for these specific requirements.