Sustainable Palm Oil Suppliers

As a leading manufacturer & suppliers of specialty vegetable oils and fats, AAK KAMANI PRIVATE LIMITED is dedicated to providing the highest quality products to customers keeping in mind hygiene, food safety and sustainability.

Palm oil is a highly versatile oil being used in both food and non-food applications, hence the demand for palm oil is increasing rapidly world-wide. This has resulted in the increase of oil palm cultivation. But there is a concern that not all palm oil is being produced sustainably for e.g. conversion of forest land for oil palm cultivation. Hence due to social and environmental issues, sustainable palm oil (SPO) is seen as a way-forward.

roundtable sustainable palm oil

The RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm oil) – a not for profit association, was formed in 2004 with the objective of promoting the growth and use of sustainable oil palm products through global standards. AAK Kamani is the first vegetable oil refinery to be RSPO certified and has been supporting this cause since 2008.

AAK Kamani is committed to encourage, support, procure and use SPO. We are taking initiatives to promote the use of SPO amongst our stakeholders – employees, customers, suppliers etc by educating and increasing their awareness.

AAK Kamani has been certified for RSPO- Supply chain certification system- Mass Balance by SAI Global

We are also members of Greenpalm (web-based trading platform for certified palm oil). Greenpalm is easily implementable and offers complete transparency in pricing and flexibility of supplies.